We provide a list of products, including ready-to-use codes, simulation input files and online simulations.

Online Simulations

We provide online interfaces to nuclear reaction simulations. We do so by using well-established models of the primary stage of reactions (GRAZING, TORINO, FRESNO) and then couple the outcome with a de-excitation stage (GEMINI). The results may be compared with experimental data.

Ready-to-use Products

The following products are meant to give a backbone structure to typical computational problems encountered in many fields of Physics and Science, that can be augmented and worked on to produce a given outcome.

MCNP Simulations

These MCNP simulations grow in sophistication, and are meant to provide a backbone geometry upon which other simulations can be built. The sources are bare, and could be augmented with capsules of various shapes and material. A concrete room provides a scattering geometry that could be easily modified or reshaped. A cylindrical detector, which is again bare, is used to define an area upon which particles enter. Events hitting the face of the detector are saved to file (PTRAC). Events can be analyzed in a similar way to experimental data.

ROOT Programs and Script

These ROOT programs and scripts are meant to provide a blackbone structure to data analysis, either of real adquired data or simulated events.

Parallel Programming

We solve the coin tossing problem by parallelization using both OpenMP and MPI. These backbone codes may be considered simple, but their usefulness lies in that they show how to correctly use random number generators in parallel codes. The codes are meant to be augmented with any parallel application or simulation that use random numbers, for example, Monte Carlo simulations.