Computational Physics Consultants provides a variety of scientific solutions, like simulations, parallelization, data and numerical analysis.

Ready-to-use solutions include MCNP input files for simulation of gamma and neutron spectra. For example, a Californium-252 (252Cf) source emitting neutrons from fission fragments in a given direction is simulated inside a concrete room (see Products).

Other ready-to-use solutions include basic parallel codes using random number generators, meant for parallelizing Monte Carlo simulations.

Our Nuclear Science solutions include the development of detector response modeling using a variety of techniques.

For example, MCNP simulations could provide the input events for a SCINFUL simulation to determine the light output response of a liquid scintillator of a given neutron detection system.

Other general purpose Nuclear Science software we use include GEANT, CCFUL and TALYS (see Services).

Our Medical Physics solutions include calculation of dose deliveries in any geometry by using MCNP simulations to provide input for DPM and PENELOPE.

We develop Monte Carlo simulations for any purpose, and we parallelize Monte Carlo codes using either OpenMP or MPI. Codes are implemented using a variety of random number generators, such as SPRNG and drand48 from the C Standard Library.

We integrate FORTRAN into C/C++ codes and viceversa, and we substitute NAG routines with the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).

Drop us a line explaining your computational needs and we will arrange a virtual meeting to discuss how we can help achieve your computational goals through our solutions.